CSPPLAZA光热发电网 China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2017 Annual Conference
Opening Ceremony & General AssemblyClick the picture to read the full article
Junfeng Li
Junfeng Li, former director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation(NCSC), the winner of Lifetime Achievement Award of the 9th Zayed Future Energy Prize                      
Dinghuan Shi
Dinghuan Shi, former president of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, former consultant of the State Council                      
Arturo Lanz García
Arturo Lanz García, Vice-Consul, Economic and Commercial Office in Shanghai, Embassy of Spain                      
Guoqing Zhong
Guoqing Zhong,president of Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd                      
Gao Feng
Gao Feng, General manager of Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co.,Ltd                      
Rui Sun
Rui Sun,vice-president of Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute                      
Jixue Wang
Jixue Wang, vice-director of the New Energy Department of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute                      
Wenbo Huang
Wenbo Huang, Vice-president, Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.                      
Jianxiang Jin
Jianxiang Jin, President, Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.                      
Alivia Zhang
Alivia Zhang, Vice-president, Rayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd                      
Huaipu Li
Huaipu Li, General manager, Royal Tech CSP Engineering Co., Ltd                      
Panel Discussion A
Panel Discussion A: Theme: China's role and power in the global CSP market                      
Panel discussion B
Panel discussion B: Theme:Discussion on the problems and experience in the course of developing CSP Demonstration Projects                      
CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2017 Award Ceremony
Parallel sub-forum1:pre-development of CSP station
Enrique García Casares
Enrique García Casares, technical director of Ari Solar (Spain)                      
Zhiyong Wang
Zhiyong Wang, Deputy chief engineer of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey & Design Institute.                      
Johannes Kretschmann
Johannes Kretschmann, Vice general manager for CSP Project Department in Fichtner (German)                      
Gilein Steensma
Gilein Steensma, regional executive director in EMEA– New Energy at WorleyParsons Advisian                      
Yann LE MOULLEC, Chief engineer of EDF R&D China Center                      
Carlos Tejada
Carlos Tejada, Senior engineer of Atria Smart Energy Solutions                      
Parallel Sub-forum 2: Investment and financing of CSP projects and enterprises
Yiyang Shen
Yiyang Shen, Senior energy consultant of Asian Development Bank                      
Maozhong Wang
Maozhong Wang, Investment director, Shenzhen Tsing-Yuan Investment Management Co., Ltd.                      
Panel discussion C1
Panel discussion C1:Theme: Investment and financing of CSP demonstration projects                      
Panel discussion C2
Panel discussionC2: Theme: Investment and Financing of CSP companies                      
Parallel Sub-forum3: Construction of tower CSP plants
Santiago Palacios
Santiago Palacios, Director of business development Southeast Asia of ASC Cobra                      
Qiucheng Gu
Qiucheng Gu, Project manager, China branch of Bright Source Energy                       
Susana Martinez Escriche
Renewables Director of IDOM                       
Li Shuo
Li Shuo, Project manager of SEPCOIII Electrical Power Construction Corporation; Qingdao HongRui Electric Power Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.                       
Panel discussion D

PaneldiscussionD: Theme: Sino-foreigndiscussion: Construction of China tower CSP demonstration projects Backgroundofdiscussion: There are 9 tower projects in China's first batch of demonstration projects. Due to China's special natural climate atmosphere, what are the similarities and differences between China and the US, Morocco & Spain in the designing and construction process of tower project? What experience should China learn from the construction of international tower CSP plants? What special difficulties that China facing with need Sino-foreign cooperation to overcome?

Host: Neng Xu, CEO of Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Dialogueguests intendedtoinvite: Zhipeng Qi, Vice general manager of Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Co., Ltd.; Shuo Li, project manager of SEPCOIII Electrical Power Construction Corporation; Qingdao HongRui Electric Power Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd.; Zhi Zhou, Chief engineer of Northwest Engineering Co., Ltd.; Santiago Palacios, Director of business development Southeast Asia of Spain ACS Cobra; Danny Eytani, senior vice president of engineering design of Bright Source; Santiago Soria, Project manager of Australian WorleyParsons;

Parallel Sub-forum4: Construction of parabolic trough and Fresnel CSP plants
Javier Perez
Javier Pérez de las Peñas, Vice President, Business Development Asia & Middle East of Spain Abengoa                       
Ing.Rainer Kistner
Ing.Rainer Kistner, CEO of CSP Value Co., Ltd.                       
Ershu Xu
Ershu Xu, Researcher of IEECAS, the general director of 1 MW Parabolic trough solar thermal power generation test system                       
Zhiheng Lu
Zhiheng Lu, General manager of Shuangliang Royal Tech CSP Technology Co., Ltd. system                       
Junfeng Yang
Junfeng Yang, Chief engineer of CSP technical center of Rayspower Energy Group Co.,Ltd.                       
Panel discussion E
Panel discussion E: Theme: Sino-foreign discussion: Construction of China parabolic trough and Fresnel demonstration projects                       
Parallel Sub-forum5:Technique innovation of CSP
Augusto Maccari
Augusto Maccari, Technical director of Italian Archimede Solar Energy                       
Christian Thiel
Christian Thiel, CEO of EnergyNest                       
Wesley Stein
Wes Stein, Chief scientist of CSIRO, Australia                       
Tom Fluri
Tom Fluri, Director of CSP division of Fraunhofer ISE                       
Christofer Rhén
Christofer Rhén, Vice president of Sweden SaltX                       
Labib Kazkaz
Labib Kazkaz, Vice president of Austria HELIOVIS                       
Parallel Sub-forum 6: Session 1——Standardized construction, products and equipment of CSP
Wengang Shi
Wengang Shi, Director of Department of Science, Technology & Information of China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Ltd                       
Jigang Xu
Jigang Xu, Executive vice president of Engineering Research Institute of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.                       
Menglong Cui
Menglong Cui, vice General manager of Tianruixing Solar Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd.                       
Juha VEN
Juha Ven, Chairman of Huiyin group                       
Markus Balz
Markus Balz, General manager of schlaich bergermann partner sonne gmbh                       
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang, Global marketing and sales director of Royal Tech CSP Co., Ltd.                       
Parallel Sub-forum7:Sino-foreign match-making symposium
Santiago Soria
Santiago Soria, Project manager of Australian WorleyParsons                       
Kelly Beninga
Kelly Beninga, president of Skyfuel                       
Steffen Ulmer
Steffen Ulmer, General Manager, CSP Services                       
Rajesh Gandikota
Rajesh Gandikota, marketing and sales director of M/s Bell O Seal Valves                       
Mark Liddell
Mark Liddell, Group Technical Director of MICC Group                       
Jan Kragbæk
Jan Kragbæk, Project development engineer of Denmark Aalborg CSP project                       
Marco Antonio Carrascosa
Marco Antonio Carrascosa, Technical director of Spain TEWER Engineering                       
Sub-forum8:Session2——Products and equipment of CSP
Bill Collier
Bill Collier, Global director of engineering Pentair Thermal Management                       
Zikang Zhao
Zikang Zhao, Bai Ji Rui(Tianjin) New Energy Co., Ltd.                       
Valentín Quecedo Parejo
Valentín Quecedo Parejo, China power project manager of Flowserve                       
Chen Zhao
Chen Zhao, Deputy Director of Shanghai Electric-SPX Engineering & Technologies Co., Ltd.                       
Licai Zhao
Manager of CMI Solar                       
Angel Cantarero
Angel Cantarero, CSP Global Account & Industry Manager of Flowserve                       
Keliang Liu
Keliang Liu ,Chief Engineer in CSP Products of Hangzhou Boiler Group (HBG)                       
Pingxin Liu
Pingxin Liu, technological director of Jiangsu United Storage Technology Co., Ltd.                       
Baoxiang Zhang
Baoxiang Zhang, Strategy Planning and New Business Development Manager of AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Co., Ltd                       
Attila Gregasz
Attila Gregasz, Sales & Business Development Manager of ENEXIO                       
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